The Lawn Service of Kansas City, St. Louis, and Omaha

Pro Turf Lawn Service in Kansas City, St. Louis, and Omaha sets a driving force towards your personalized lawn care needs. We strive for the best communication between our company and our customers.

One of our many goals is to educate you on the cultural practices of lawn care. Also we aim to optimize the quality of the service and results that you attain on your property. Each visit one of our expert technicians will leave you detailed information that will consist of important topics such as watering, mowing, disease activity, Pro Turf Lawn Service logo characterinsect activity and a plan to address each issue we may encounter.

  • We strive for an experience that sets us apart from other lawn services.
  • Pro Turf is confident that you will be impressed with your lawn care results.
  • We offer a guarantee on our service unmatched by other lawn care companies.

Our philosophy is to make your lawn look it’s best by giving you our best. This commitment to you is what will generate the loyalty we are striving for.  Thank you for considering Pro Turf for your lawn care needs!  If you would like a free, no obligation estimate, go to our Contact Us page, enter your info, and we will get back to you within 1 business day!

Top 5 Reasons to use Pro Turf Lawn Service

  1. We are a privately owned company. We have the ability to focus on your lawn care without having to answer to shareholders.
  2. We guarantee our treatments. Our customers receive unlimited, free service calls for fertilization and weed control to keep their lawns looking great.
  3. We guarantee our special services. If we treat for grub worms, and they break through our treatment, we fix the damage free of charge. If we install new grass seed, and it doesn’t germinate, we’ll reseed free of charge.(Must follow watering instructions for seeding guarantee)
  4. We only use the BEST products on the market. Our technicians carry products for every weed that could grow on your yard. Also, we custom blend our fertilizer for optimum results in clay-heavy soil.
  5. WE GET RESULTS!  Pro Turf Lawn Service has now grown to 10,000 customers without radio or television advertising! We pride ourselves in the way we take care of our customers, and they thank us by referring neighbors, friends, and family to our lawn service. 

We would LOVE to give you the best yard on your block! Contact us for a free estimate and soon you’ll be on your way to increasing your home’s value with honest, effective, guaranteed lawn care.

Blake H.The Lawn Service of Kansas City, St. Louis, and Omaha